World Of Warcast Episode 153, ROFLMAO

World Of Warcast Episode 153, ROFLMAO


Blizzard at ComiCon

Booth 115 Hall A

Plush Zerg, mini Sylvanas, vinyl Shadow Illidan, papercraft, WoW Art book

Funko Shadow Illidin figure Booth 5343

Sideshow Diablo statue booth 1929

Insight Editions Art of Blizzard booth 1134

Licensing panel was today

Cosmetic helms

Possible hint to the next patch?

From MMO-Champion

You can possibly queue for more than one wing

New Ticking Package for Winter Veil

Possible texture from the next expansion datamined in patch 5.4


What do you do when your guild boots everyone for no reason?

Hardened Shell

BFF Necklace

Starting to see item prices drop on the AH



PTR 5.4 Proving Grounds

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