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World Of Warcast

Since 2005, World Of Warcast has been bringing listeners some of the best information about Blizzards world-famous MMORPG World Of Warcraft. Every week, Michael Gaines and Eric Rice talk about the most important topics, and some not so important ones.





  • World Of Warcast Episode 154, Whats up with all these stuns?NewsWhat’s up with this Vivendi thing? WoW Movie Teaser not shown on the ‘net

    T16 rogue set looks like ass


    Ghostcrawler, potentially, details the future of WoW at Chinajoy

    Hearthstone live stream scheduled for July 26

    New collectables coming soon


    Priest to 73

    I was on Low Pop WoW


    Monk on Proving Grounds

    Brief visit to Timeless Isle

    Undercity raid lols (monk pvp)


  • World Of Warcast Episode 153, ROFLMAONewsBlizzard at ComiConBooth 115 Hall APlush Zerg, mini Sylvanas, vinyl Shadow Illidan, papercraft, WoW Art book

    Funko Shadow Illidin figure Booth 5343

    Sideshow Diablo statue booth 1929

    Insight Editions Art of Blizzard booth 1134

    Licensing panel was today

    Cosmetic helms

    Possible hint to the next patch?

    From MMO-Champion

    You can possibly queue for more than one wing

    New Ticking Package for Winter Veil

    Possible texture from the next expansion datamined in patch 5.4


    What do you do when your guild boots everyone for no reason?

    Hardened Shell

    BFF Necklace

    Starting to see item prices drop on the AH



    PTR 5.4 Proving Grounds

  • World Of Warcast Episode 152, The diaper levelNewsWarcast turned 8In-game store to be tested in AsiaBlizzCon Talent Contest now open for entries

    Free character transfers for certain US realms

    Darkspear has a long queue

    Patch 5.4 PTR: PvP changes

    Patch 5.4 PTR: PvP Mount requirements


    Priest to 66

    Don’t forget the Ring of Blood



    Priest low-level heals

    The 90 conundrum


  • World Of Warcast Episode 151, I got thisSecurity warning for WoW, and why the remote AH went offline.Shado-Pan Geyser Gun.Warrior and Priest T16 sets on mmo-champion.One level/hour (85->87) with @veroicone

    Deathfrost confirmed dropping from Ahune.

    30m queues

    Realm Maintenance to hit episode 50


    6/16 Tyr

    Tried arenas for the first time in years


    Looked for low-level dookerdome equivs (uldum HoO)

    Summer’s here, economy changes

  • World Of Warcast Episode 150, Full potatoNews:Flex raiding announced minutes after the last show5.4Updated Garrosh Model, 5.4 World Changes, Jun 10 Hotfixes, Blue Posts, GW2 Shoutcasts

    Massive world changes in Vale

    No more Golden Lotus dailies

    New Garrosh model

    Changes in Orgrimmar

    Flexible Raiding lockouts and queues clarified

    Area 52 server has a login queue of 1300!

    Proving grounds

    Virtual Realms


    Soloed as much as I had time for

    Tempest Keep was easy.

    Brought over my lock



    light week because of e3


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